Good Angels and Sopron into the finals after great turns

Expected winners, but unexpected developments had the semifinal games of international basketball competition MEL. Teams that ended after regular season in close contact with leading duo Košice and Sopron managed to trouble the couple of favorites, won the half times, but they couldn’t avoid the bronze medal game after all.


Thursday – 06th March 2014

UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron – PEAC Pécs 59:52 (14:18, 28:31, 44:42)

team UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron qualified for MEL final game

Sopron: Fegyverneky 19 /3 three pointers/, Ciglar 9 /3 three pointers/, Krnjič 6, Hawkins 5 /9 rebounds/, Faris 4 (Tetemondová /9 rebounds/ and Simon 6, Zsovár 4, Stankovič 0). Coach: I. Polenek

PEAC: Bishop /10 rebounds/ and Nagy-Bujdosó /4 three pointers/ 13, Reid 10, Jovanovič 9, Raksanyi 7 (Kaposi, Szüc, Raus, Kublina and Nagy 0). Coach: Ž. Djokič

FT: 5/7 – 11/15, fouls: 19 – 18, 5 fouls: 36. min. T. Hawkins – 29. min. D. Nagy, three-pointers: 8/20 – 7/28, referees: Z. Zubák, T. Lukáč and M. Kukelčík (all SR), spectators: 300, quarters: 14:18, 14:13, 16:11, 15:10

Hungarian champion was leading only in the opening minutes of the game, but due to precise defense, Pécs started to rule in the opening quarter. They could regret the spoiled end of first stage when was their promising 8 points lead reduced on half. Separate chapter offered the third quarter which was in favor of Hungarian champion.

After change of sides Pécs managed to build 8 points advantage again (30:38), but the rest of third quarter was ruled by the team from western Hungary. 12 points row by Sopron changed the course of the duel and players coached by Igor Polenek found needed portion of confidence and calmness what helped them to finish the game victoriously.

GOOD ANGELS Košice – ŽKK Novi Zagreb 66:62 (18:24, 29:40, 50:49)

team GOOD ANGELS Košice qualified for MEL final game

Good Angels: Bojovič 13 /7 assists/, Hruščáková 12, Perkins 10, Kizer 8, Abdi 5 (Žirková 11 /3 three pointers/, Zietara 5, Bálintová 2, Kiššová 0). Coach: M. Kováčik

ŽKK: Komplet 18 /4 three pointers/, Ivezič 15, Ivankovič 11 /19 rebounds/, Dojkič and Karčič 3 (Semren 8, Jurič 4) . Coach: V. Ivankovič

FT: 21/27 – 21/28, fouls: 26 – 23, technical foul: 16. min. M. Kováčik, 19. min. M. Bojovič (both Good Angels), disqualifying foul: 30. min. A. Jurič (ŽKK, after 2. unsports- manlike foul in game), three pointers: 5/13 – 5/16, referees: Z. Palla, P. Papp and G. Kapitány (all HU.), spectators: 1850, quarters: 18:24, 11:16, 21:9, 16:13

Nearly 9 opening minutes of the second semifinal was pretty leveled, but “Yellow-blues“ started to loose ground step by step. Its part played also referees, but mainly terrible offense and defense caused that Good Angels were losing by 15 points (25:40) few moments before the first half.

Tightly before the break Good Angels managed to score 4 points and from this spark started bigger fire, which burnt the final dreams of team from Istria. Defending team reduced the lead of Croatian club on 40:42 (during five minutes) and Magdalena Zietara pushed “Yellow-blues“ forward by a three pointer in the last second of this stage. Steel aréna witnessed the tough fight in the last quarter with successful result for home team.

Schedule second of Final Four MEL 2014 (Friday, 7th March 2014) Bronze medal game: PEAC Pécs – ŽKK Novi Zagreb (4.30 pm.) Final game: UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron – GOOD ANGELS Košice (7.00 pm.)



UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron63 : 70
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice
PEAC-PécsPEAC-Pécs64 : 58
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron59 : 52
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice66 : 62
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
Aluinvent DVTK MiskolcAluinvent DVTK Miskolc68 : 55
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb


1Good Angels Košice18/290.0
2UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron14/670.0
4WBC Novi Zagreb13/765.0
5Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc10/1050.0
6PINKK Pécsi 42410/1050.0
7Piešťanské Čajky9/1145.0
8MBK Ružomberok9/1145.0
9ŠBK Šamorín7/1335.0
10ŠKBD Rücon Spišská Nová Ves5/1525.0
11CEKK Cegléd1/195.0