A first “peak” is here

After a month of waiting, but not filled with relax only is a quartet of best teams of Middle European basketball league one step from its finish. The final tournament will start on 6th March and one day later we shall become familiar with the new champion of premiere season of common croat-hungarian-slovak competition.

The place of the tournament will be Steel aréna in Košice which shall witness reigning domestic champions and also teams which represent each country in EuroLeague FIBA (Croatian team ŽKK Novi Zagreb, Hungarian team EU Sopron and Slovak team Good Angels Košice) – the quartet need to be completed and this member is eight-finals participant of EuroCup FIBA Hungarian PEAC Pécs

The first day offers interesting games. The opening semifinal game (4.30 pm.) brings the match of Hungarian rivals UE Sopron a PEAC Pécs – their current balance within MEL is leveled 1:1. A winner of the second game for finals ticket will arise from clash between Slovak and Croatian champions Good Angels Košice and ŽKK Novi Zagreb (7.00 pm.).

Winning teams after semifinals will meet on Friday 7th March in a game for overall triumph which starts in Steel aréna at 7 o’clock pm. This match will be preceded by the “small finals“ which shall decide the “bronze“ team. The opening jump ball has been planned on 4.30 pm.

Fans who don’t have anything to do in next hours may buy the tickets for final tournament via Ticketportál. Tickets are sold for both playing days price 5, – € for one day, so the two games. For those who dwell far the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia, please note the series of live Internet broadcasting by HUSTE.TV portal.

Košice in MEL without new signing

Management of Good Angels Košice completed the transfer of new member of “yellow-blue“ roster who comes to enforce the post which is an “Achilles heel“ for tenfold Slovak champion during current season. Košice decided to offer contract to experienced Russian international – center Irina Osipova.

32 years old and 197 centimeters tall native from Moscow is holder of two bronze Olympic medals from Athens and Beijing. Russian player has also enjoyed the triumph in the most prestigious women’s basketball competition. She won the EuroLeague title four times with her former team Sparta&K Moscow Region. Her arrival to Košice could be described as slightly paradoxical.

Irina Osipova is coming to Košice from team Istanbul Universitesi, its name was connected with another player of Good Angels who continues in her career in Istanbul team – it is Yelena Leuchanka. The reason why Russian international decided to leave team of EuroCup participant was coming of Byelorussian center and for the rest of the season shall perform in “yellow-blue“ jersey.

Her actions in Košice will be limited only to games of the most prestigious women’s basketball competition, because the transfer deadline in Slovakia passed on 28th February. And because Slovak clubs in Middle European League are directed by the Slovak rules, Irina cannot help her new team in MEL's final tournament.



UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron63 : 70
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice
PEAC-PécsPEAC-Pécs64 : 58
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron59 : 52
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice66 : 62
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
Aluinvent DVTK MiskolcAluinvent DVTK Miskolc68 : 55
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb


1Good Angels Košice18/290.0
2UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron14/670.0
4WBC Novi Zagreb13/765.0
5Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc10/1050.0
6PINKK Pécsi 42410/1050.0
7Piešťanské Čajky9/1145.0
8MBK Ružomberok9/1145.0
9ŠBK Šamorín7/1335.0
10ŠKBD Rücon Spišská Nová Ves5/1525.0
11CEKK Cegléd1/195.0