About MEL

Common Hungarian-Slovak basketball completion MEL is after last year's test (we may say successful test) now expecting several changes in the next season. These could be connected with number of participants, competition format and the dates of its end. Let’s summarize how will officially 1st season of MEL 2013/2014 look like.

Not eight, but 11 participants

MEL shall consist of nearly dozen participants from three countries. Slovak highest league will be represented by 5 clubs which consist from the same quartet which participated in MEL 2012/2013 and new member is our bronze medal winner from Spišská Nová Ves. Similar number of teams has been „offered“ from Hungarian side. They are also sending four teams which already participated in MEL and the new participant should be PINKK Pécsi 424. This club performed as Bácsbasket Baja in the last season of Hungarian highest competition and they lost the chance to participate in MEL in the final moments of NB I. regular season.

Competition enriched by the team from Croatia

The most crucial change comparing the last season comes with the team ŽKK Novi Zagreb. Club from the Croatian Capital will join the Slovak and Hungarian teams, so the number of participants also playing in EuroLeague FIBA in common league is going to rise on 4 and next quartet will try to gain some success in FuroCup FIBA.

List of MEL participants for season 2013/2014

  • GOOD ANGELS Košice
  • CEKK Cegléd
  • MBK Ružomberok
  • PEAC Pécs
  • Piešťanské Čajky
  • PINNK Pécsi 424
  • Rücon Spišská Nová Ves
  • ŠBK Šamorín
  • ŽKK Novi Zagreb
  • Work Force DVTK Miskolc

Common from the beginning

MEL used to be a kind of substitute for the second round of each league (Slovak and Hungarian). Four best teams from each country advanced into MEL and according to it were the teams ranked for each national play off. Two best Slovak and two Hungarian teams qualified for Final Four and its premiere host was also next winner – Good Angels Košice. Games of MEL are planned simultaneously with the games in national leagues. Teams from one country will not play only against teams from second, but teams from common competition will play their games in MEL and results shall count into home league table. Odd number of teams and system of competition (home and away games) cause that each club is going to play 20 games in MEL. Standings in MEL will not be determining for the national leagues, because each league will have its own standings including teams not participating in MEL. Advancement for Final Four will not be decided upon the national membership, but participants have to finish among four best teams after regular season.

Basic facts about MEL 2013/2014

Number of participants: 11
Number of rounds: 22
System of competition: home and away in season
Four best ranked teams after league games will qualify for Final Four
Start of the season: 28th September 2013
End of regular season: 1st February 2014
Date of Final Four: 6th – 7th March 2014



UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron63 : 70
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice
PEAC-PécsPEAC-Pécs64 : 58
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
UNIQA Euroleasing SopronUNIQA Euroleasing Sopron59 : 52
Good Angels KošiceGood Angels Košice66 : 62
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb
Aluinvent DVTK MiskolcAluinvent DVTK Miskolc68 : 55
WBC Novi ZagrebWBC Novi Zagreb


1Good Angels Košice18/290.0
2UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron14/670.0
4WBC Novi Zagreb13/765.0
5Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc10/1050.0
6PINKK Pécsi 42410/1050.0
7Piešťanské Čajky9/1145.0
8MBK Ružomberok9/1145.0
9ŠBK Šamorín7/1335.0
10ŠKBD Rücon Spišská Nová Ves5/1525.0
11CEKK Cegléd1/195.0